Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

By Charlotte Attry, Jeremie Febvre, Olivier Huette and Sophie Lawson


A heartfelt story about growing up and learning to let go of pacifiers, complete with 4 pages of bonus material containing expert advice and tips for parents.

“How can I help my child let go of their precious pacifier?” This dilemma can be a real headache for many parents and a challenge that often results in temper tantrums and tears!

Pacita the Pacifier Fairy, a poetic fairytale created out of the personal experience of its authors, accompanies children and parents along this crucial step in a child’s development. The story of Pacita offers a helping hand to parents, written in catchy rhyming verse and mixing just the right touch of imagination, magical illustrations, and practical advice.

Pacita the Pacifier Fairy is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient (June ’20).

Book Info

Age: 2-5
Release date: 09/01/2020
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 32
ISBN-13: 978-1-7334568-0-7
Imprint: Big Kid Chronicles
Illustrations: full color
Trim Size: 8.3 x 8.3 inch
List price: $14.90
Distribution: Itasca Books

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“Pacita the Pacifier Fairy is a vibrant and essential book for parents who have toddlers and young children, whether or not those children use a pacifier.”

David Roderick

Poet (Campbell Corner Poetry Prize)

“This is a wonderful story that teaches small children (and their parents) how to find the bravery needed to part with their beloved pacifier.”

Angela Dalton

Author, IBPA Ben Franklin Gold award '18

 “… A precious tool in overcoming the binky!”

Amanda Herold

 This is an utterly adorable tale putting a spin on pacifiers I have never seen before! I’m totally impressed.

Briar's Reviews

 “This book is like a poem for the lil kids, helping them thru the journey of growing up and having to let go of the pacifier: well colored, nice illustrations. The sentences rhyme and are cute.”

Kimmy’s books journey

 “A wonderful book to help parents and guardians to ween their children from using a pacifier.”

Danielle Urban

 With the rhyming of each page, kids will definitely want to read this one over and over!

Kaitlyn W, Librarian

“A helpful, encouraging read for kids at a crucial life stage.”

Kirkus Reviews

 The book is full of masterful illustrations

Ana Nojkovska

Wow, I loved this book! My almost 3 year old still uses a pacifier, and we’ve been slowly using them less and less. I’ve been at a loss for how to approach getting rid of them. Both my 3 and 5 year old loved this book!

Sarah G.

Download the letters

The letters from Pacita help you – parents – reinforce the separation process and give your child support at strategic milestones.

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