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A warm welcome for Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

A warm welcome for Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

Dear Friends of Pacita,

We hope you, your family, and your pacifiers are staying away from viruses, hurricanes, and wildfires in these unprecedented times.

A few days ago, we released our first book “Pacita the Pacifier Fairy”, a children’s poetic fairytale about growing up and learning to let go of pacifiers. It’s been an absolute blast to see our first readers’ feedback.

A wonderful start with warm reactions

Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to have in-person book presentations like we had originally hoped. However, the book has already received a lot of great reviews and we wanted to share them with you.

On both Goodreads, and NetGalley, the book is rated over 4 stars (out of 5) from more than 40 reviews. Here are some of the highlights :

“This is an utterly adorable tale putting a spin on pacifiers I have never seen before! I’m totally impressed.” Briar’s reviews

“This book is packed full of vivid, detailed, and immersive illustrations that depict the story being told very well. They’re really vibrant and I’m sure kids will fall in love with them” Oyinda

“This book is like a poem for the lil kids, helping them thru the journey of growing up and having to let go of the pacifier: well colored, nice illustrations. The sentences rhyme and are cute.” Kimmy’s book journey

“With the rhyming of each page, kids will definitely want to read this one over and over!” Kaitlyn W, Librarian


Where can I purchase the book?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the whole book industry has been extremely impacted and a lot of booksellers are still closed. Some have reopened though, and you can order Pacita the Pacifier Fairy from them if, like us, you want to support local businesses (ISBN-13: 9781733456807).

Obviously, you can also order the book online from the major platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and our distributor Itasca Books. If you do decide to order it from one of the larger sellers, please don’t forget to leave a review of the book. We would greatly appreciate it!!

Last but not least, you can also order it directly from the Big Kid Chronicles website (there’s a cool collector’s edition there with a signed copy of the book, a coloring book, and printed letters from the Pacifier Fairy):

Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

A heartfelt story about growing up and learning to let go of pacifiers, complete with 4 pages of bonus material containing expert advice and tips for parents.

$14.90 + Shipping

Pacita Collector Edition (signed)

An exclusive signed edition of the book, with a limited postcard, a 5 sheet coloring book, and paper letter to write your own letters. Only available on

temporarily out of stock

Of course, this is just a start and we will keep you updated on the next steps, very shortly we hope. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

One last thing: If you want to help us promote the book, you can also share our book trailer on social media.


Pacita the Pacifier Fairy is a Gold recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award

Pacita the Pacifier Fairy is a Gold recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award

Hi, Friends of the Big Kid Chronicles community,

Over the past weeks, we’ve shared with you what an exciting, emotional, and learning adventure the creation process of our first book Pacita the Pacifier Fairy has been. From a challenging parenting experience nine years ago to the decision to start a publishing business, and from the first verses and illustrations to pushing back our release date because of COVID-19, it’s been a true emotional roller coaster.

Luckily, even bad news can have a silver lining: today, we’re very proud to announce that our book has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards® in June’20. It’s a fantastic recognition of our work and great motivation to keep up the work of promoting and preparing its distribution before the September 1st release.

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. If you’re a journalist, a blogger, or a reviewer who would like to write a review or if you’re a reader and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (Press Release here).

Thank you and stay safe!

Charlotte, Sophie, Jeremie, Olivier, and Alexandra

“Pacita the Pacifier Fairy”

Release date: September 1st. 

You can already pre-order and review the book here:

4 reasons why the release date of our book has changed

4 reasons why the release date of our book has changed

Dear Friends of Pacita,

We hope you, your family, and your pacifiers are staying safe and healthy.

As you might know, May 1st was the initial release date for our beloved pacifier fairy tale to come to life, and we couldn’t wait to start helping children quit pacifiers while empowering families in this difficult new challenge: a life without binkie.

This was obviously a plan that did not account for the global pandemic that is currently shaking the entire planet. These unprecedented times have changed our lives and our projects, to a point where we’ve decided to postpone the release date of “Pacita the Pacifier Fairy” to September. As we approach the initial publication dates, we want to take this opportunity to share our reasoning and our plans for the future, but to also take this opportunity to share a bit more about who we are.


Family comes first

The past few weeks have been very intense for all of us. We are a small team of busy writers and publishers, but most importantly, we’re parents. Just like you, we had to adjust and reorganize our personal lives. Shelter-in-place orders, homeschooling, new dynamics at home… It’s been quite a change! So we’ve decided to make sure that both our readers and our own families had a better grasp on the situation before moving forward. That’s why we took the tough decision to postpone the release.


Giving up pacifiers requires calmness

We believe quitting pacifiers is a major milestone in the life of children and their families. Under normal circumstances, it generates stress and uncertainty, so we asked ourselves if this was the right time to add an additional challenge at home, when most parents already feel overwhelmed or disoriented… And the answer was obvious. We don’t want to add more pressure to a situation that is already stressful. There will be better times for parents and their kiddos to face a new challenge together. So Pacita will wait a bit before entering our lives.

The book industry is on hold 

Due to COVID-19, many small businesses had to shut down and bookstores are among those that were forced to close. Orders numbers have been divided by at least 10, live events have been canceled, and publishing professionals are buried under tons of unread emails. We feel like it’s not the best time to start ad campaigns to chase reporters for a book review when people have so much on their minds (and to do lists!). 


Bad timing for a first time

We believe Pacita deserves a warm welcome, and that means a lot of preparation; outreach to journalists, reviewers, and bookstores; and logistics. Especially since this is our first children’s book. Although the books are ready to be shipped, our marketing and promotional campaigns have barely started, and we have so much more to do! So we’ll put on our masks and resume our emails and phone calls, but without precipitation. And we’ll find the right balance between the desire to promote a book we’ve been working on for almost three years, and the slow (yet chaotic) pace our world has taken on.

We’ve already received a lot of support and we feel lucky and grateful for it. First of all support from Itasca books, our distributor, who has been so flexible in this book crisis. Support from our first reviewers who gave us such amazing feedback, and from the first readers who pre-ordered the book and will have to wait three long months before they can open it. We believe it will all be worth the delay and your patience and will just have to keep our excitement contained a little while longer.

If you’re a journalist, a blogger, or a reviewer who would like to write a review or if you’re a reader and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (Press release here).

Thanks again, and stay safe,

Charlotte, Sophie, Jeremie, Olivier, and Alexandra

“Pacita the Pacifier Fairy”
New release date: September 1st. 

 You can already pre-order and review the book here:

Introducing Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

Introducing Pacita the Pacifier Fairy

It is with immense excitement that we debut our first book and share Pacita’s journey with you; a journey over seven years in the making; a journey that has seen our lives change in innumerable ways. Just like the main character in Pacita, the Pacifier Fairy, we have faced challenges and grown in ways we never thought possible.

This is Pacita’s story. This is our story.

The concept of the Pacifier Fairy began in the summer of 2012 with our daughter Ava and her best friend Mathilda when they were just 2 years old. They were having difficulties letting go of their precious “tototte” so we came up with the idea of a fairy-tale character to help comfort them during this difficult time. We toyed with the idea of writing a book, but life got in the way-as it has a habit of doing-and we moved to California from Paris, uprooting our family and planting new roots on what felt like the other side of the world.

So it wasn’t until four years later that we finally sat down and wrote the verses (initially in French) and started talking with a publisher. A year later, in 2017, we began working with Oliver on illustrations. We had been introduced to a couple illustrators, but when we saw some of Oliver’s previous work we knew it was exactly what we were looking for. We immediately fell in love with his style and thought it was the perfect fit for our story.

As we settled into our new home in America, our dreams grew and we saw the potential for our story to reach a wider audience. We thought about writing an English version in addition to the French one, and started working with Sophie, with whom we had been taking English lessons. It was around the same time that we decided not to move forward with the French editor and focus exclusively on the English version that we finally came up with the name for our pacifier fairy. We wanted something unique, something that made her feel personal yet connected her to the world of pacifiers, and thus Pacita came to life.

From there, things started to pick up speed. After looking at our options and contacting numerous publishers, we made the bold decision to self-publish. We knew this would mean an enormous amount of work on our part, but we felt it was the only way to be sure we could share Pacita with the world exactly the way we wanted to.

We also realized that Pacita was just the beginning; since starting this journey our kids have gone through and grown so much, and we have grown as both parents and authors. We’ve also realized that one of the things we love most about the book is the 4 pages of practical advice for the parents. We now want to create a whole series of books to help families work through those challenging moments of a young child’s life. Not just stories for kids, but work together with parents as a team. So while we prepare for Pacita’s launch in Spring of 2020, we’ve started working on some new ideas for our next adventure!

From all of the creators of Pacita the Pacifier Fairy, we are looking forward to the future. This book could not be described as anything less than a labour of love and we hope it delights both you and your young reader!

Charlotte & Jeremie


Click here to pre-order the book  (Publication Date:05/01/2020)

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