Pacita the Pacifier Fairy by Charlotte Attry is a wonderful book to help parents and guardians to ween their children from using a pacifier. The beautifully illustrated story encourages children to not use their pacifier anymore. Also, I enjoyed all the tips, advice, and educational information provided in the back of the book to help with this scenario. It teaches parents to encourage and compliment their children while going through this process. Charlotte Attry also emphasizes patience. There is no failure here.

Danielle Urban

Urban Books Review

“A helpful, encouraging read for kids at a crucial life stage.”

A fairy encourages children to give up their pacifiers in Attry, Febvre, and Lawson’s picture book, illustrated by Huette (Rare Patients in the Waiting Room, 2012, etc.). Pacita, a dark-haired, light-skinned, humanlike fairy, visits anthropomorphic animal children...

“A precious tool in overcoming the binky!”

“Leaving behind the pacifier can be a daunting task for children and parents alike. Fortunately, Pacita the Pacifier fairy can come to the rescue. Beyond the clever story and engaging illustrations, the promise of giving up the beloved pacifier in exchange for a...

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